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Logo für Anbieterin: Deepgrooves Vinyl Pressing Plant

Deepgrooves is the only Vinyl Pressing Plant worldwide which is producing premium Vinyl records As Green As Possible. Deepgrooves is ISO and ISCC PLUS certified now offering BIO-Vinyl made from recycled oil that has 90% less CO₂(e) then regular vinyl. Deepgrooves is fully functioning on green energy. Ecologically friendly and made sustainably within their 99% circular environment, pressing fast, green, affordable and innovative vinyl records.

Logo für Anbieterin: Das Merch

Das Merch. is your partner for individual textiles of the highest quality, sustainably produced in Europe. Through direct contact with our own factory in Portugal, we can fulfill (almost) all wishes.

Logo für Anbieterin: SOLIDRINKS

SOLIDRINKS Mate, Cola and Cola zero – refreshing solidarity!

SOLIDRINKS is a social enterprise. Since 2016, you can donate to local refugee projects with every drink you buy. No matter where you're from or where you're going, we're all in this together now. And one of the best ways to get to know each other is over a good drink. So if you're drinking cola or mate: Choose SOLI!

Logo für Anbieterin: Kiwistories

For Kiwistories, sustainable action means more than just the choice of materials. Kiwistories follows 20 sustainable steps towards fair fashion. You get an insight into the production site and all other company decisions. Kiwistories knows all its producers and produces exclusively in Europe. Kiwistories is very flexible in the way it works and also offers merch in small quantities.

Logo für Anbieterin: Clubtopia

Clubtopia is committed to a sustainable club and festival culture. The initiative connects experts in nightlife and sustainability and motivates them to take concrete climate-friendly action in club and event operations. To this end, Clubtopia offers free energy advice, individual support, training, workshops and innovation labs. The code of conduct “Zukunft Feiern!” (“Celebrate the future!”) for sustainable action was developed together with scene stakeholders and can be signed by clubs and festivals.

Logo für Anbieterin: Crowd Impact

Did you know that often more than 80% of an event's total emissions are caused by the audience's journey to the event? These “invisible” emissions from mobility are often not addressed because they are difficult to record and it remains unclear which countermeasures are effective. Traditionally, surveys on travel behavior have been laboriously conducted with pen and paper. Now, however, there is an innovative tool: the Crowd Impact App. It makes it possible to record travel behavior through an entertaining, easily accessible and quick survey and offers intelligent recommendations for action.

Logo für Anbieterin: Quartiermeister

Quartiermeister is a tasty beer for the common good. Every bottle and every tap of it's seven (ecologically) brewed beers causes impact for local community projects. Since 2021 the Social Business is owned by a Non-Profi-Foundation. Therefore it's not possible to sell the business. In 2023 Quartiermeister won the German Sustainability Award.

Logo für Anbieterin: Green Glasses Event Catering

Green Glasses Event Catering sees itself as a sustainable event catering company. We cater for events and functions at a high culinary level. We primarily cater for 50 to 500 people, but occasionally we also cater for larger events with up to 2000 people. We place the utmost importance on optimal and creative preparation and the use of seasonal and fresh products. We are passionate hosts and impress at events with our professional and flexible catering service. Our daily aspiration is to exceed our customers' wishes, present new ideas and inspire them with culinary delights. To achieve this, we make good things better with our event catering in Berlin and combine innovative presentation with traditional values. Culinary highlights, charming, professional service and happy guests guaranteed.

Logo für Anbieterin: optimal media

As a leading independent media service provider, optimal media is your specialist for the production of books, magazines, media packaging and high-quality print products as well as for the production of data carriers such as records, CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray discs.

Logo für Anbieterin: gART.n

A piece of nature, a piece of culture, an open space in the city. Under this motto, concerts and parties take place every summer in one of the most beautiful open air locations in Berlin.

Logo für Anbieterin: dna merch

Founded in 2015 by punk drummer Anton and his best friend Doreen, dna merch are specifically targeting bands and other artists in search of a fair merch alternative. A self-determined life with dignity is what they wish for everyone, which is why they exclusively offer textiles made by a worker-owned sewing cooperative in Croatia.

Logo für Anbieterin: SAME BUT DIFFERENT

With a focus on consulting, awareness-raising and training, SAME BUT DIFFERENT supports companies in the cultural and creative industries in dealing with issues such as awareness, diversity and all forms of discrimination. Through process support, consulting and educational formats such as workshops and keynotes, SAME BUT DIFFERENT trains different actors and advises them to become more diverse. Events are regularly professionally accompanied by trained awareness staff. Before founding SAME BUT DIFFERENT, the two founders Runa Hoffmann and Demba Sanoh had already worked together for two years as Misc - Agency for Cultural Diversity, successfully supporting companies on their way to more diversity, equality and inclusion. Their existing expertise in the creative and cultural industries is thus complemented by their competencies in diversity management and consulting, resulting in a unique knowledge and understanding of the specific needs of companies in the cultural and creative industries.