Use Music C•A•R•E•S to make your event planning more sustainable with just a few clicks.

Step 1

Visit the CO₂-Calculator on the website to get support and information for a more sustainable implementation of your event. Go through the "Show" section and set the scale of your event.

Step 2

Select an area of event planning and provide as much information as possible. Use the info icons for explanations of areas and criteria. You can perform summary calculations for one or more areas.

Step 3

After entering information for at least one area, the tool reactively displays an estimate of the CO₂ emissions caused. The results view helps contextualize these values!

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About Music C•A•R•E•S

•Create environmental, social and economic awareness •Apply sustainable business practices •Reduce carbon footprint - less waste •Engage and inspire music fans for sustainability •Safeguard healthy conditions for live music

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